About Incredible Mind People (IMP) Technologies

Incredible Mind People (IMP) Technologies is an information Technology company from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. We have teams of, as the name says, incredible designers and programmers with quality experience in creating small to large scale successful websites. These websites range from online presence sites to solutions for complex e-commerce requirements in different business ventures. We combine creativity, analytics & technical solutions that help grow businesses while Creating Masterpieces... on the web.

In the process, designers' creativity is supported by combination of open source and closed source design tools as GIMP, InkScape, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc wherever whichever is suitable while generating quality creations. Further, designs are made alive with excellent knowledge and expertise in different scripting languages such as HTML/XHTML/HTML5, CSS 2/CSS 3, and JavaScript in the form of suitable frameworks/libraries being Modernizer, HTML Shim, jQuery/Prototype/MooTools, etc.

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program     InkScape     HTML 5 - HyperText Markup Language     jQuery - write less, do more     Prototype - JavaScript framework

To power the sites for performing tasks they are being built for, our programmers analyse the requirements using their quality experience to generate solutions backed by core PHP, MVC frameworks, Content Management System (CMS) customizations, Open Source E-commerce packages. Some well-known tools include CakePHP, Smarty, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, osCommerce.

PHP - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor     CakePHP - the rapid development php framework     Drupal - Open Source CMS     Magento - Open Source eCommerce

The final output comes as creatively & brilliantly generated logo designs, banners, graphics, user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designs, animations, landing pages, online presence sites, blogs, content management system (CMS) powered sites, internet/intranet portals, online shop/e-commerce sites, multi-seller/multi-store e-commerce solutions, best search engine optimization (SEO) results, and other easy to use web solutions for complex problems to really name the process as of Creating Masterpieces...