Logo designing

Logo designing requires a lot of marketing analysis and design work. For designing a logo, clear idea is required about the concept and values of the brand while also understanding target market or consumers. The process involves formulating concept, doing initial sketch, finalizing the concept for logo, deciding the final theme colours and formats required.

The effective design and use of a logo implements the understanding of human behaviour. It can be cultural, or internal, but uses how people recognize and react to colours & shapes used for symbols implemented in logo. There is very broad range of meaning represented by colours according to different nations and cultures. Same colour could mean different thing in a completely different settings.

We use this knowledge and our creativity to implement & achieve a recognition for our clients where a logo becomes the successful brand. Simply presenting 3 or more revisions with different colours or symbols doesn't mean logo creation, it is understanding the concept, feeling it and making others enjoy the same vibrations.